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Whether you're Tapping, Drlling, Honing, or Boring you can trust Tool X to ensure smooth operations on even your toughest projects. With versitile application for a variety of materials including: low and mild steels, copper, brass, high alloy, stainless steel, aluminum, inconel, and titanium.


- Protective layer, reduces friction and wear on cutting tools, extending tool life and enhancing precision.

- Enhanced Cooling, heat dissipation properties that prevent overheating, maintaining optimal operating conditions for your tools & machinery.

- Low Odor   

- Maximum coverage


Powered by cutting-edge nanotechnology Tool X allows you to do more with less. Elevate your DIY projects or professional work with effortless precision and reliability. Get ready to conquer every project with confidence!

Tool X Tap & Drill Fluid 1 oz Precision Oiler Bottle

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